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Welcome to Greenwood Public School.  
Below you will find an abbreviated history of Greenwood Public School.
Some folk think of Greenwood as the "country school in the city" located in beautiful East Korah.  The site has been a school and community gathering place since 1879 starting out as a one room schoolhouse of approximately 50 students complete with wood burning stove to keep everyone warm in the cold winter months. Through the years Greenwood has continued to build on its tradition of excellence in education in a caring, community minded environment.
We are a prime example of what community members can achieve when working together as a team.  Parents, teachers, students, educational assistants and carestaff come together to provide the finest educational opportunities.
The keys to this success are love of learning, respect for one another, hard work and perseverance, traits you will find at our school. As Principal at Greenwood Public School, I acknowledge parents, students, teachers, educational assistants and carestaff for their dedication and for making our school a welcoming, engaging place for children to learn and grow.
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Shari Kingston
Realizing our potential
by improving academic achievement
in a safe, caring and respectful school community.
Twelve years after Canadian Confederation, 1879, the first school built in the East Korah area was constructed at the northeast corner of the Fourth Line and Peoples Road in a location slightly eastward of the present school.  The original building was of frame construction built on a stone foundation painted the traditional school house red with white trim.
The school consisted of one large classroom, two cloakrooms and had an enrollment of approximately 50 pupils.  A large wood stove provided the heating and lamps were used for lighting.
This school, which served the East Korah area for 41 years, doubled as a Church and general meeting hall for the local community.  Some of the early Korah families such as Lamming, Penno and Harris attended the school during those early years.
As enrollments increased it became necessary to build a larger school and construction of a new building began in 1919 and was completed in 1920 under the direction of Alexander Scott.  Once again the school was built on a sturdy stone foundation, but the exterior this time was of red brick.  The new building had two basements side by side with a wood burning furnace in each.  The main floor contained an office, two classrooms, three storerooms, a large front porch and entrance way.
The second floor was used as a community hall and social centre and consisted of one large room with a stage.  In 1938 because of the greater number of pupils the primary grades were moved to the second floor and the third staff member was added.
In 1957 an addition was completed to the north side of the building consisting of an office and 4 classrooms.  Two more classes were added to the west side in 1960 and in 1962 the present kindergarten and one more classroom were added to the east side.
In 1969 the two story red brick building which had been a landmark in East Korah for 50 years was torn down and 5 new classrooms, an auditorium, office, library, furnace room and staff room were added to the additions of 1957, 1960 and 1962.
The building of 1920 which served for so many years has been remembered in a painting by local artist Barbara Griffin, which was donated to the school by the East Korah Women’s Institute at the opening of the new building in 1969.  Such pride in community and tradition has always been strong in the East Korah area.
For over 100 years, a school has been situated at the corner of Fourth Line and Peoples Road serving the residents of the community for educational, social and religious activities.  Many residents of Sault Ste. Marie look back with happy memories of their school days at Greenwood School. 
W. McMeeken
Greenwood Principal
1964 – 1990